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Description and goals

This three-day hands-on workshop, Thursday, 2013-09-05 through Saturday, 2013-09-07, provides twelve hours of instruction in using eXtensible Markup Language (XML) and the Text Encoding Initiative (TEI) guidelines to encode and describe medieval manuscript materials. The instructor is David J. Birnbaum, a medieval Slavic philologist who teaches digital humanities at the University of Pittsburgh (,

Workshop flyer [pdf]

Before the workshop

Workshop schedule

Thursday, 2013-09-05: Introduction to XML and the general TEI infrastructure

Friday, 2013-09-06: Basic TEI encoding for manuscript transcription

Saturday, 2013-09-05: Basic TEI encoding for manuscript description


Charter of Count Thomas of Savoy and Countess Joan of Constantinople bestowed on the Bijloke abbey in Ghent (September 1242, DB_27064)

Prepared by Els De Paermentier

Mons, Bibliothèque Universitaire, 847

Prepared by Tjamke Snijders

Bdinski sbornik (Codex gandavensis slavicus 408)

Supplementary materials


Latin paleography


(list of resources prepared by Els De Paermentier and David J. Birnbaum)

Manuscript description

Many on-line manuscript catalogues provide convenient search interfaces. Here are a few that go beyond that, and might be considered models for how digital manuscript descriptions can support not just more convenient access, but also new types of analysis and visualization. All provide access to the underlying raw XML.